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17th Festival of Jazz Chellah from the 13th to 17th of June 2012


JAZZ The meeting of Jazz lovers across the international jazz scene takes place every year in Rabat, inside the Chellah. This type of music incorporates many musical influences, the Jazz of Chellah exists primarily to encourage meetings and gatherings of both Moroccan and European artists.

It’s organization is provided by the partnership between the Delegation of the European Union, the Ministry of Culture and the Wilaya of Rabat-Sale-Zemmour-Zaer. Also in collaboration with the embassies of member states of the European Union and cultural institutes.

 The public can appreciate the improbable mixture of European jazz and traditional Moroccan music by talented artists in the country. On this special occasion, musicians, who come into fusion with each other, improvise, innovate and let go to give the best of themselves. These gatherings help to generate new musical projects.

 For the 17th edition, with a beautiful poster to promote the concert, a group of musicians with six different European nationalities will gather. A fusion between the quartet Simo Baazaoui and the group Kostas Theodorou from Greece, will play on the first day. On the second day, June 14th, a tribute to Malcolm X , will be played by Italian jazz quartet Francesco Bearzatti. Then will come together Amazigh music from Ribab fusion quartet and jazz quartet, European Pascal Schumacher. On the third day will see three different influences, Belgian jazz rock trio Slang, Moroccan oud, Yacir Rami and percussionist Antoine Morineau. On Saturday, a French, German and Danish trio, Das Kapital, will play. Then a reunion of bass player Giulia Valle and Moroccan Said Chraibi will take place. The quartet of Portuguese Luisa Sobral is set for the closing day of the Festival and a grand finale with maalem gnaoui, Hamid Kasri, drummer Karim Ziad, French Jean-Marie Machado and English Andy Sheppard.

Enjoy the Festival!


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Enjoy the Festival!