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6th Edition of the Festival Rabat Africa, from the 14th to 20th of June, 2012


FESTIVAL This 100% African festival is an initiative of the East West Foundation, as part of it’s mission centered on the blending of cultures between Morocco and the Sahara. ‘Equality among people’ is the slogan, which has created this festival of reconciliation.

The organizers wanted to involve the festival in World Refuge Day on June 20th, for two main reasons, for the Moroccan community to accept the arrival of migrants from sub-Saharan population and to give these migrants a place dedicated to their music. For one week, groups will merge their sounds to provide the public with quality concerts, with a message of tolerance. This 2012 edition is a tribute to the great Cesaria Evora, who recently passed away.


On Thursday 14th of June, 2012 at 8pm, in the National Library, a performance “Waltz of the sorcerer’s apprentice” by Abdelhak Serhane, will be played by French actor Alain Fromager and a dance performance given by the Senegalese group Djembe.

In the gardens of the East West Foundation, inside traditional mud huts, fair trade handicrafts will be available, made in Africa and Morocco.

Also in the gardens on June 20th, will be an opportunity to admire Moroccan and African fashion and beautiful Afghan and Palestinian embroidery. A parade called “Migrants of the world” will be led by a dozen artists from Senegal, with dances and a percussionist.

 Concerts and exhibitions are some of the many highlights of this festival.

Information and organization: Foundation East-West
F.A.R. Avenue, Massira, Rabat
+212 6 61 07 16 35
[email protected]


Text Stephanie Jacob

Translation Karen Athwal