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Programming of 2012 Festival of Rabat Mawazine


FESTIVAL For nine days the city of Rabat will gather for the 11th edition of Festival Mawazine, dedicated to world music.

From the 18th to 26th May, 2012, the Festival Mawazine will be on four major open air stages across the city, for free concerts. Rabat will also be busy throughout the day with marching bands and street performers from Morocco, France, India and Romania, that will take to they city streets. Workshops allowing direct interaction between professionals and guests will also be available. 

Programming 2012

Like every year,the public is anxiously awaiting the names of of artists scheduled to perform in the Festival. Rumours are rife that some of the famous names include Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Cliff, the legendary rock group, Scorpians, Pitbull, the duo of pop house LMFAO and the band Evanescence. Moroccan DJ Abdel and Australian Yolanda Be Cool, will also be present.

Nancy Ajram, a regular of the festival, Syrian Assala and Lebanese Wael Kfoury and many pther performers of Moroccan Arab Idol, including Dounia Batma, will also be present.

It is at the Theatre Mohammed V, where we will be able to honour the likes of Gloria Gaynor, Ibrahim Maalouf, the Moroccan soul man Vigon, the energetic Nigel Kennedy and the Tunisian Amina.

Many other artists will share folk, classical and urban music of Moroccan, African, Afghan, Iranian and Russian origin.

Mawazine will honour 60’s rock music, Abdelghafour Mohcine, aka Vigon, and two other artists, Moroccan music icon Mohamed Rouicha and Soussedi Mohammed, who passed away earlier this year.

But above all, the festival will offer the oublic musical collaborations from both worlds and two different backgrounds. The project highlights the link between Arab and Western cultures, choirs and songs will be played in honour of Morocco.

All dates, all artists and all the scenes, on the official website of the Festival Mawazine.

Text Stephanie Jacob