Madinat Al Irfane

  • Academy
  • Specialized school
  • College
Madinat Al Irfane is a centre of learning that consists of a Universities and schools in the capital. Faculty of sciences, medicine and veternary medice can all be found here, close to the Agdal neighbourhood and Hay Riad.

Lycee Descartes

  • Junior and high school
  • Secondary school
Lycée Descartes de Rabat is a French school in Morocco. The lessons that are taught are consistent with the program of the French Ministry of National Education. The school is located in the Agdal district, near many cafes and shops, such as Paul bak...

College Saint Exupery

  • Junior and high school
  • Primary school
The college of Saint Exupery, located in the residential area of Aviation and close to the OLM Souissi, is a French school in Morocco.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Rabat

  • College
Faculty of Arts and Humanities in Rabat, located near Bab Ruach, is a leading institution for training and research.