A stay in Rabat that won't break the bank

A stay in Rabat that won't break the bank
  • Hotel Velleda

    Velleda Hotel, in the centre of Rabat, offers its guest comfortable and clean rooms with private washrooms. The authentic decor, a warm welcome and good value for money are the key characteristics of Velleda Hotel. Room prices start at 170 DHS per night with a shared washroom or 220 dh with a private bath.

  • Hotel De La Paix

    The high ceilings, luminous windows and cleanliness of the 49 large rooms at La Paix in Rabat are reasonably priced in comparison to the quality of the hotel. It provides the necessary amenities for travellers coming to Morocco and its capital.

  • Hotel Le Gaulois

    Built during the 20th century and located above the former Alsace Lorraine restaurant, the two-star Galois hotel in Rabat has 59 bright and airy rooms The facilities and comfort are minimal, but the price and location tend to draw in backpackers. And all rooms are equipped with televisions and wifi. Some rooms have an in-suite shower. The prices start from 220 DHS for a double room without bath, and 316 DHS with a bath.

  • Hotel Splendid

    Its location just a short walk from the beach and downtown makes Splendid Hotel in Rabat a great spot. The rooms in this small home are spacious with a view of the terrace or the street. And the price is right. With rooms starting at 230 DHS per night, you can’t go wrong.

  • Hotel d'Alsace

    Alsace Hotel provides quality rooms at a reasonable price. Bathrooms are shared. The prices start at 100 dirhams per night.